The 50 Best Work From Home Jobs In 2019

Everyone wants a work from home job.

Work in your pjs.

Set your own hours.

No annoying boss standing over your shoulder.

The real dream, however, isn’t just working from home. It’s working from home while making great money and pursuing a solid career with plenty of growth potential.

That’s what this list is all about.

If you are looking for a high paying job with great growth potential that you can work from the comfort of your own home, this is the list for you!

These are the 50 best work from home jobs in 2019.

1. Consulting Jobs

Consulting is all about advising people and helping them solve problems, and in most cases, it doesn’t require the consultant to be present at the scene of the problem.

This makes it an ideal field for remote work, and coupled with the high salaries to be found in consulting, makes it our #1 recommendation for work from home jobs in 2019.

While consulting positions can be found across numerous industries, it’s also a very ideal space to start your own business. Over 20% of full time independent consultants earn six figures and above, and it’s a relatively easy field to get started in, provided you have some level of expertise to offer. We’ve personally helped more than 3,000 aspiring entrepreneurs quit their jobs after building successful, full time consulting businesses.

If consulting is a field that has ever interested you before, you’ll definitely want to check out our free training below:

2. Ecommerce Jobs

Often associated with the start of the internet, the history of eCommerce can be traced back to 1979, when Michael Aldrich connected a modified domestic TV and a telephone line to a real-time multi-user transaction processing computer and just like that the eCommerce revolution began.

Whether you have an existing product and are looking to take your sales online or if you’re still working on your business idea but know you want to dip into the world of eCommerce, opening an online store can be a smart way to bring in extra revenue — and from home at that!

These days, people can make a living selling any type of item, from clothing, handmade jewelry, and art to digital goods like customized website templates, online courses, and more.

eCommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Squarespace make it easy to upload your product catalog and start selling instantly. These platforms equip you with the tools you need to run a thriving online store.

And whether you are running your own store or working for someone else’s store, there are hundreds of thousands of jobs available in ecommerce today.

3. Virtual Assistant Jobs

Are you someone who loves checking items off a to-do list , is absurdly organized, and never misses a deadline, a career as a virtual assistant may be right up your alley.

Virtual assistants are responsible for a variety of daily tasks ranging from answering emails and booking appointments to managing social media accounts and editing documents. The great thing about being a virtual assistant is that you can be hired for a specific skill set or for an assortment of tasks that don’t require any specialized training.

Being a virtual assistant offers the flexibility of working from home as well as the chance to work with an array of clients in different industries.

4. Blogging Jobs

Of all the websites in existence on the internet today, one thing is for sure: There is no short supply of blogs out there. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create and run and successful blog all from your couch, kitchen table, or favorite coffee shop.

If you have a passion for writing, storytelling, and connecting with others, blogging can be a viable career path for you. Bloggers make money in several different ways, from paid brand partnerships and affiliate programs to selling ad space on their blog.

Start by picking a topic that you love or that you’re interested in and go from there. Building a substantial readership takes time, effort, and consistency, but it can be done. Not to mention, you could make some serious money as a blogger, too.

5. Online Education Jobs

People all over the world are looking to services like Udemy, Skillshare, and edX to learn new things — how to speak French, how to code, and even how to be funny.

If you have a particular skill or are very knowledgeable about a topic, consider creating an online course. Teaching an online class is not only a great way to make money from home and share your expertise with the world, but it's a viable method to make a passive income as well.

Teaching an online course gives you the freedom to work from home and the ability to grow your income potential while helping others learn.

6. Copywriting Jobs

Have a love for words and storytelling? Consider becoming a copywriter! Copywriting is a growing career field and one that provides autonomy, flexibility, and uncapped earning potential.

Another reason to love this career path is the option to choose between being a freelance copywriter or a remote copywriter. Freelance copywriters are self-employed and hired by companies as independent contractors. Remote copywriters work for a company and are treated like on-site employees would be.

Working as a freelance copywriter means you have to do the heavy lifting to find your clients, while a job as a remote copywriter would not, since you work for a company. Both are great avenues to consider if you love to write and want to leverage the freedom that comes with being a freelancer or remote employee.

7. Software Development Jobs

Demand for software developer jobs is expected to grow 24% over the next 10 years. With this job, you can take your love for coding and turn it into a lucrative career path. Whether you’ve been wanting to learn how to code or have ample experience working as an in-house developer, having this skill set can give you the WFH career you’ve always wanted.

As a developer, you not only enjoy the perks of remote work such as a flexible schedule, a high earning potential, and the chance to work on innovative projects, but you also have the opportunity to meet other talented developers online as well.

8. UX Design Jobs

Have you got an eye for design, an obsession with online experiences, and an interest in behavioral psychology? A career as a UX designer may be worth researching.

UX designers play an integral role in designing websites, apps, and other platforms to create a smooth user experience that checks all the boxes. The goal of a UX designer is to create the best possible experience for the user — whether it’s an online shop for a big retailer, a new app for a brand, or a patient portal for a hospital system.

Similar to working from home as a copywriter or a developer, working as a UX designer comes with all the same benefits. And like copywriting and web development, there are tons of resources available online for you to explore the world of UX design.

9. Remote Sales Jobs

Being a remote salesperson offers the ultimate career flexibility. If you’re a self-starter with excellent people skills, being a remote salesperson may combine everything you’re looking for in a career.

It’s worth noting that just because you work from home doesn’t mean you won’t have to meet clients and potential leads in real life. Working a job in sales requires hard work, resilience, determination, and likely some in-person meetings.

To find a job in sales, polish your resume, zero-in on job boards, finalize your pitches, and tap your network for possible job leads. There are ample sales jobs out there, so don’t get discouraged if one position isn’t right for you. Try to work for a company with a product you love or believe in — it will translate well in your pitching.

10. Auditing Jobs

Audit managers play an essential role in making sure internal operations and procedures are benefiting a company. Audit managers work in various industries, from insurance to healthcare. They are responsible for ensuring the company or organization is operating at its best ability without over-extending or under-utilizing their resources.

Due to the nature of this job — think desk work like typing, reading, and replying to emails — it makes for the perfect work-from-home career with an impressive annual salary. Audit managers need to meet a particular criteria including a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree and in most cases their CPA and CIA certificates.

11. Coaching Jobs

In this day and age, it’s not uncommon to hear of people getting college degrees and other certificates entirely online. This allows for total flexibility for both students and instructors.

Because of this, working as a remote teacher is the perfect WFH career. This job is ideal for those who have taught in the past and want to try something new or those who recently received their degree in teaching and want to leverage the opportunity to teach remotely.

Most online teaching jobs require at least a master’s degree in the field one desires to teach, among other qualifications, but many universities offer online certificates in online education. There are many opportunities to teach remotely, and having a steady salary and the flexibility to work from anywhere isn’t too bad either.

12. Travel Agent Jobs

Got a knack for planning and logistics with a passion for travel? Do you have people skills and the ability to sell? Look no further than a career as a virtual travel agent.

A career as a virtual travel agent allows you to combine those passions into one fruitful job. The qualifications of a virtual travel agent are ones you might expect: well-traveled, ample travel and logistics knowledge, and sales experience.

It’s not enough to know the top can’t-miss tourist destinations in Rome; you must have a solid background of the intricacies of traveling (i.e., booking flights and reservations, check-out/check-in policies, transportation coordination, and more).

Whether you start your own boutique travel agency from home or work virtually for a travel agency, this is an optimal job for travel bugs.

13. Social Media Manager Jobs

With new algorithm updates and the ever changing social landscape occupying large chunks of most people’s days, it’s no surprise companies and organizations are looking for ways to leverage their social media presence. This is where social media managers come into play, as they are specialists in all things Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and the like.

Being a social media manager means more than having a expansive knowledge of the major social media platforms — it means understanding how to use social media to grow brand awareness, sell a product or service, and build a community. Social media managers spend their days engaging with audiences on each platform as well as creating content to push on each channel, managing social media ads, and developing strategies to help brands reach their larger online goals.

As more businesses continue to use social media, the need for specialists who understand each channel is likely to grow. Because social media managers spend the majority of their time online and on their phones, adding this job to our list was a no-brainer.

14. Airline Operations Specialist Jobs

Working as an airline operations specialist is a career path fit for detail-oriented people with a background in aviation. It’s a fast-paced industry that requires experience or education in the aviation field, which is usually supplemented with plenty of on-the-job training.

Airline operations specialists are responsible for many things including filing flight plans, helping pilots with trip logistics and flight accommodations, and overseeing pre- and post-flight preparation.

Depending on the company you work for (e.g., GE Aviation versus a private charter jet company) will determine how much your salary potential is, but most in this job earn an average of $52,000 per year.

15. Graphic Designer Jobs

Creative individuals who are passionate about design, color, and functionality should consider a career as a graphic designer. What’s better than making beautiful, eye-pleasing visuals from the comfort of home?

A career as a graphic designer gives you the freedom to work as a freelancer, which provides you with more autonomy over who your clients are and what types of projects you take on. If full-time freelancing isn't your thing, you can work remotely for a company as a staff graphic designer and pick up smaller projects on the side.

Graphic designers create physical materials like brochures, flyers, and letterheads as well as digital elements like websites, infographics, and logos. Depending on your skill set and your interests, the possibilities as a graphic designer are endless.

16. Airbnb Host Jobs

If you have a second home that’s vacant 90% of the time or a spare bedroom that never gets used, consider becoming an Airbnb host. Listing your rental property on Airbnb is a great way to make passive income all from the comfort of home.

Depending on your property and your location, you could make a pretty penny each month from renting to travelers.

However, it’s not enough to list your property, set out a few new towels in the bathroom, and expect the money to pile up. There is a significant difference between mediocre hosts and excellent hosts, the latter which Airbnb so aptly names Superhosts. These hosts go above and beyond for their guests and create the most comfortable, enjoyable experience possible, which garners positive reviews and the coveted Superhost title.

Renting your property on Airbnb is no small undertaking, but it’s an excellent way to make great money if you’re willing to put in the work and create a wonderful experience for all your guests.

17. Pet Sitter Jobs

What if you could combine your love for animals with the luxury of working from your own home? If that sounds like an ideal situation for you, you may want to think about becoming a professional pet sitter.

Professional pet sitting allows you the flexibility to work on your own schedule, make a steady income, and establish solid connections with fellow animal lovers — who will likely generate recurring business for you.

When it comes to finding clients, you can choose whether you want to go through a pet sitting platform like Rover or if you want to start your own business without a middle man. It’s important to remember that you are a business owner and that your services have to bring in enough income each month to keep your business up and running.

Before you start looking for clients, be sure to define what services you’ll offer (e.g., pet-boarding, dog-walking, drop-in visits, etc.). Whatever you decide, make sure you’re able to provide the best possible care for your clients’ pets in a way that will keep them comfortable and safe.

18. Transcriptionist Jobs

Working as a transcriptionist is an excellent way to make great money from home. A transcriptionist converts a recorded or live audio file into a text format, which can be used for other purposes. Transcriptionists work in a variety of industries including healthcare, legal, business, and the academic realm. A specific set of skills are required to be a transcriptionist including above-average typing skills, excellent grammar and punctuation, the ability to sit for long periods, and lots of self-discipline.

A career as a transcriptionist is one of high demand as more companies and organizations need this service. This job allows you the flexibility of working from home and the chance to work in various fields, which can be appealing for many.

19. Survey Taker Jobs

Working from home as a survey taker is so simple, anyone with a reliable internet connection can do it. Market research firms create online surveys and focus groups that pay those who qualify to participate.

There are countless sites like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and InboxDollars that let you take surveys online for big companies like Walmart, Groupon, Netflix, and more. Most sites will email you when a new survey or focus group is available, and you can choose to accept or pass.

The only catch? You likely have to take several every day to see a decent payout.

Taking online surveys and participating in focus groups is a great way to make extra cash by just giving your opinion — no special skills required.

20. Video Production Jobs

Vlogging, like blogging, has become an increasingly popular avenue for internet-savvy people to make a living. YouTube alone sees about 1.8 billion monthly users, which isn’t far behind Facebook with 2 billion users. Vloggers who can cultivate a strong following on their channels are the ones who are typically the most profitable thanks to brand partnerships and advertisements.

The best way to get started as a vlogger to figure out what you want to say. Are you a video game enthusiast who loves to talk about all the latest trends in the gaming industry? Maybe you’re a talented makeup artist, and you want to share your abilities with the world. Whatever your talent, passion, or topic of interest, run with it.

Once you know what topic you’ll be discussing or showcasing, make sure you have the proper equipment and that your videos are high quality and well lit. Pay attention to your subscribers, ask them questions, and before you know it, you’ll have a substantial following.

21. Customer Service Jobs

We won’t dance around it — a job as a customer service representative is hard work that requires patience and an intricate knowledge of the company you’re working for. But, you can make a decent living from home whether you are looking for a part-time gig to supplement your primary income or a career change.

There are tons of customer service opportunities out there in various industries and company sizes, many of which are remote. A bonus of being a customer service representative is that you typically don’t need a college degree or any specialized training before applying.

22. Telephone Nurse Jobs

If you are calm under high-pressure situations, have a nursing degree, and want to enjoy the freedom of working from home, a career as a telephone nurse may be your calling.

A telephone nurse is responsible for anything from working with patients (via phone, of course) to see if they need emergency medical treatment, to advising at-home care and encouraging patients to book an appointment with their doctor. The leading role of a telephone nurse is to help the patient assess whether or not they need to seek in-person medical attention or if they could save themselves a trip to the hospital or doctor’s office.

If you have your nursing degree and want to try something new, working as a telephone nurse is worth looking into.

23. Online Tutoring Jobs

A job as an online tutor is not only one that offers a secure income, but the opportunity to help others who are struggling in school. Services like and Skooli make it easy to become an online tutor on the topic of your choice, all from your couch or home office.

Since this is a virtual position, it’s essential to have excellent written and verbal communication skills and a vast knowledge of the topic you’re teaching. Being able to explain a subject in such a way that makes sense for the student you’re tutoring will help grow your success rate and your paycheck.

24. Amazon Jobs

Amazon is by far the largest online retailer in the US, and it relies on over 300,000 employees to help keep things running as smooth as possible in every aspect of the business.

Amazon has remote job opportunities all over the world across various departments. This is an excellent opportunity to work for a big company and flex your remote working skills. Amazon pays employees varying rates depending on the job and location. But don’t worry, if you don’t see a position that interests you; one that does is bound to pop up at some point.

25. TaskRabbit Jobs

Does the idea of getting paid to put together Ikea furniture make you happy? Are you someone who loves doing laundry and cleaning? Were you the kid going around your neighborhood asking your neighbors if they needed their lawn mowed, or car washed for cash? If you identify with any of those questions, TaskRabbit may be the perfect gig for you.

With TaskRabbit, you can browse from hundreds of job postings ranging from odd jobs to tasks like cleaning, moving boxes, and home improvement. As you’re building your profile, you can set your rates and include what types of jobs you’re interested in taking as well as your experience level.

TaskRabbit is an excellent way to jump on the gig-economy boom as it grows — and it’s a way to make a viable income.

26. Affiliate Marketing Jobs

When you hear the words “affiliate marketer” what image comes to mind? Someone sitting on the beach with a drink watching their bank account balance grow while they barely lift a finger?

Not quite—in fact that couldn’t be farther from the truth. To be a successful affiliate marketer, you have to put in the work establishing connections with brands and building trust among your readers or followers.

So what exactly is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing means promoting products or services through marketing efforts and earning a commission if someone makes a purchase via your unique URL.

It’s essential to partner with companies that have products you know and love, because it’ll be easier to speak about it to your followers. Also, to see a steady flow of cash, make sure you have multiple affiliate streams at work. That way, you’re not relying on one large lump sum at any given point.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to not only make steady passive income, but it can help you grow your online presence, which can lead to other money-making opportunities.

27. Animation Jobs

If you’re someone who loves to draw characters and create stories surrounding them, a career in animation is worth looking into. In fact, about half of all animators employed in the US are self-employed!

Animators spend their days creating expressive character animations, working with other team members on character development, and building high-quality animations using sophisticated software and motion capture data.

A career in animation is excellent for those who have the necessary skill set, a desire to work from home, and exceptional written and verbal communication skills.

28. Bookkeeping Jobs

Running your own bookkeeping agency from home or working as a remote bookkeeper is the perfect opportunity for those who qualify. No college-level degree is required to be a bookkeeper, but the skills you’ve acquired through experience will set you apart from other candidates.

If you’ve worked as a bookkeeper in the past, finding remote positions to apply for shouldn’t be too challenging due to the demand. However, if you want to work for yourself and start your own bookkeeping agency, you’ll have to define your niche, build your brand, and find your clients on your own, which may not be for everyone.

Despite the path you take, working remotely as a bookkeeper is a lucrative careter move that will provide financial security as well as the perks of working from home.

29. Caregiving Jobs

If the thought of sitting all day at your computer replying to emails and sitting on conference calls gives you heartburn, maybe you need to consider another line of work.

A career as a professional child caregiver will not only give you the ability to work from home, but it will undoubtedly keep you on your toes. Being a professional child caregiver requires extensive experience working with and taking care of kids. It also requires having adequate safety training, excellent communication skills, and trust from the families of the kids you’re watching.

If this is a career path you’re interested in pursuing, remember that you’re building a business based on trust, proper care, and connections. By providing a positive experience for both the children you’re watching as well as their parents, you’ll build relationships with other families by default. Parents trust their friend’s caregivers, so if you work hard and take great care of the children you’re watching, you’ll see your business snowball in no time.

30. Clinical Research Coordinator Jobs

A clinical research coordinator plays an essential role in medical studies of various nature. This is a career that requires a bachelor’s degree as well as extensive work experience.

Clinical research coordinators support the principal investigator by way of organizing and managing the day-to-day tasks of the trial. Responsibilities include managing enrollment and training processes, planning different aspects of the trial, and maintaining compliance with federal, state, and other organizational rules.

Though it sounds like this would be a job you couldn’t possibly do from home, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. Different trials require various levels of assistance from clinical research coordinators, which pave the way for the remote positions.

31. Data Entry Jobs

Getting a job in data entry means you’ll be responsible for inputting data into a digital format using a word processing or data processing software. This sounds like it would be a very technical position, but you can get a data entry job even with no experience. However, you typically need your high school diploma or GED to qualify for most openings.

Due to the nature of this particular work-from-home job, it’s important to verify the legitimacy of each opportunity. Some dataentry jobs turn out to be scams, so be sure to do your homework before you start applying. Valid companies offer multiple data entry jobs that you can do right from home.

It’s best to find a reputable company and stick with them. That way, you can be sure you’re making the most money and that you’re not a victim of a hoax.

32. Event Planning Jobs

Event planning is a sustainable, rewarding career path for those with an eye for detail and logistics. Event planners are in charge of everything from catering and venue selection to transportation, lodging, and entertainment.

There are so many moving parts when it comes to planning an event, so it’s important to be organized, calm under pressure, and to have excellent communication and project management skills.

As an event planner, you can work at an event-planning company as a remote worker, or you can start your own business and have more autonomy over the clients you work with and the events you plan. Whether you want to plan weddings, corporate gatherings, or events for your favorite brewery, working as an event planner is certainly a job that will keep you on your feet — literally.

33. Online Juror Jobs

Similar to data-entry jobs, looking for opportunities as an online juror should be done carefully. Many scams promise work as an online juror, so it’s best to err on the safe side and work with a company that is credible.

But what exactly does an online juror do? Online jurors help attorneys who are preparing for trial by giving feedback on their case so they can make any adjustments before they go to court. Attorneys seek online jurors that match the profile of those who will serve on the jury so they can optimize their approach.

Online jurors don’t make crazy amounts of money (an average of $10 - $60 per case), but if you can find several opportunities and are willing to participate in in-person mock trials that pay more, you can make a decent chunk of change.

34. Pet Groomer Jobs

Pet groomers have a unique opportunity to offer an important service that veterinarians and other animal care providers either don't or can’t. Pet grooming is an important of animal care just as regular checkups and a healthy diet are. Most pet-grooming opportunities require a high school diploma and experience.

To run a successful pet grooming business, you’ll need to research what types of animals as well as what specific breeds you want to work with. Figure out what you’ll need supply-wise to create the best, most relaxing experience possible for both the pets and their owners.

Gaining experience and mastering your services will keep your schedule full and your clients (and animals) happy. Happy clients mean repeat customers and more work for you, which is essential to keeping your business afloat.

35. Photography Jobs

If you’re the creative type who loves capturing moments whether that be during a major sporting event or someone’s Big Day, a career as a professional photographer or videographer could be a good fit for you.

One of the great things about being a photographer or videographer is the fortune to break into a niche that you love like sports, weddings, portrait, landscape, wildlife — to name a few — and become an expert of sorts in that niche.

Once you’re known for a particular niche, you can build up a robust portfolio and client base that reflect your skill set, which will lead to more business.

36. Real Estate Jobs

Entering the real estate world is a significant career change. People from all different backgrounds seem to flock to it when seeking a job switch. However, becoming a realtor is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of hard work, industry knowledge, and determination.

Working as a realtor means you are entirely responsible for your success. You must be able to manage your time, listings, clients, and paperwork to keep things moving. Successful realtors are approachable, friendly, have a broad knowledge of the market, and are great listeners.

You will need to complete the necessary coursework and acquire the proper certifications to ensure your operation is legitimate so you can adequately serve your clients and sell, sell, sell!

37. Tax Preparation Jobs

Some may shudder at the thought of doing their taxes each year, but for others, it’s a rewarding, maintainable career. What’s more, it’s a stable career path, because everyone has to file taxes each year.

To become a tax preparer, you must have strong math skills, knowledge of tax regulations and rules, and great communication skills. If you strive to work for a company like H&R Block or Intuit, you will likely undergo training to ensure you’re ready to start working confidently. Or, if you decide to work for yourself, there are plenty of online resources available that can help you learn what you need to know to become a successful tax preparer.

No matter what course of action you decide to take as a tax preparer, you can count on a secure job that pays well and allows you to work from the comfort of home.

38. Translation Jobs

Are you able to speak, write, and read in another language? Do you understand the cultural nuances associated with that language so much so that they are on par with native speakers? If so, you could have a profitable career as a translator.

Like many vocational paths, there is no one right way to success, but there are a few boxes you need to check before you can apply to become a translator.

First thing’s first, you’ll need to get certified in translating services. Then, you’ll need to pass your Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) before you can start looking for opportunities to gain experience.

From there, work to learn as much as you can and build up your portfolio of experience to attract new clients.

39. Remote PR Jobs

We’ve covered freelance copywriters, developers, and UX designers, but what about PR representatives? Working as a freelance or remote PR person gives you the unique opportunity to exercise your skills from home.

Public relations professionals are tasked with the responsibility of maintaining the public image of a company or organization, which typically involves media outreach, coordinating interviews with company higher-ups, media training, and much more.

Being a freelance PR representative or remote PR consultant may require you to do a bit of work off-site — like say for example if you need to be present during an interview or a grand opening for a client — but the majority of your work can be done from home.

40. Voice Acting Jobs

Breaking into the world of voice acting can be a challenging feat at first, but with the right training and a solid coach, it can be done.

Start by researching different niches of voice acting such as audio books, cartoons/animations, commercials, and video games. Test out different scripts and see where you fit best.

If you aren’t sure where your skills could be best applied, seek help from an experienced coach who can guide you in the right direction. From there, work on gaining experience, booking gigs, and building your demo reel. Like acting, voice acting is a profession that commands continuous learning and skill sharpening.

41. Virtual Recruiting Jobs

As industries grow, more jobs become available, which means companies need to fill those roles to keep business booming. That’s where recruiters come into play.

Recruitment agencies or solo recruiters are hired by companies to help fill open positions with the best candidates. Your job as a recruiter is to not only find applicants with skills that match that of the job description, but who will fit in culturally to your client’s company.

To get started on your path to becoming a virtual recruiter, figure out if you want to work for an agency as a remote recruiter or if you want to work for yourself. Working for an agency can give you access to job boards, pre-screened candidates, and other tools that will help you.

If you decide to work for yourself, you’ll have to start from scratch and build your client list, market yourself, and prove your track record of success.

42. Computer Repair Jobs

People spend hours each day staring at their screens replying to email, scrolling through social media feeds, typing in Google Docs, and chatting with one another in Slack. With all that daily wear and tear, computers are bound to break.

But people can’t be without their computers — oh, the humanity! —so they turn to computer repairers to bring their precious tech back to life.

Working as a computer repairer is a sustainable, profitable career due to its specialized nature and the level of knowledge required to do the job successfully. Running an at-home computer repair business is a great way to enjoy the advantages of working from home like a flexible schedule and limitless income potential while helping others.

43. Personal Chef Jobs

Do you have a knack for cooking and love to prepare food for others? Do you find yourself experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen? Do you have years of culinary experience or training? Try exploring the career path of a personal chef.

There are many avenues you can take when it comes to becoming a personal chef. You can work for a few households (which brings an ulterior meaning to “working from home”). Or you can run your own personal chef business and offer at-home culinary experiences complete with multi-course meals and wine pairings.

Of course, to be a personal chef, you must have the proper training no matter what style of business you choose to enter into. If you’re serious about becoming a personal chef, your education is well worth the investment.

44. Massage Therapy Jobs

Whether customers are seeking a masseuse for medical purposes or if they just want to relax, there’s no question that this is an in-demand career. To become a masseuse, you’ll need to complete the necessary training and receive the proper certification.

Once you have the proper training, work on gaining as much experience as you can. It’s important to note that like other similar career paths, having a solid customer service foundation will set you apart from other masseuses.

After all, people get massages to relax, so creating an equally as relaxing customer experience is essential.

45. Hair Stylist Jobs

Like all careers, you need to have the correct training to be set up for success. Becoming a hair stylist is no exception.

Do adequate research to figure out which cosmetology school is right for you and learn all that you can during your training. The more you work to evolve your skills, the more clients you’ll have. Not to mention, you’ll be able to charge for expert-level services.

Once you are a licensed cosmetologist with experience, starting your own at-home salon is a great way to run things on your terms and take pleasure in the perks of working from home.

46. Patent Attorney Jobs

Patent attorneys play an essential role for inventors as they create and sell their products or designs.

But let’s back up for a second.

A patent is a legal document that protects an inventor and the products they create. The role of a patent attorney is to file patent applications once they are received as well as work with inventors to protect their rights.

Patent attorneys are, well, attorneys, so a law degree is required to practice. However, once one passes law school and the bar exam, remote patent attorneys can make serious money from the comfort of home.

47. Grant Writing Jobs

If you’re an excellent writer but aren’t so keen on writing website copy, blog posts, or any of the other common forms of writing out there, look into grant writing. Grant writing combines research and creativity to form proposals that request funding for various projects across all industries.

To become an expert grant writer, you need to not only have your bachelor’s degree in most cases, but you need to have outstanding research and writing skills to communicate your positioning aptly.

Most grant writers work on a contract basis, making this the perfect work-from-home job.

48. Editing Jobs

If you’re someone who loves to find and fix grammar errors, look for ways to improve sentence structure, or if you’re passionate about making the text more concise, a job as an editor could be the perfect fit for you.

Being an editor is the perfect work-from-home job and is much like copywriting and developing in that you need to have the drive to find clients, market yourself, and manage everything that running your own business entails.

You can find work as an editor by scanning ob boards as well as tapping your existing network. People are always going to want a fresh set of eyes to read something over before sending it to the publisher, uploading it, or marking it as “complete.” That’s where you come in.

49. Baking Jobs

Who wouldn’t love to hang out at home and bake delicious treats day in an day out and have the freedom to bake at their heart's desire creatively?

Running an at-home bake shop requires more than just the ability to bake tasty confections. You must have a grasp on the business side of things, such as marketing, profits/losses, expenses, and keeping up with current permits.

Do your research and take a solid look at your situation (do you have the space to set up a legitimate at-home bakery?) to see if this is a viable career opportunity for you. If this is something you’re genuinely passionate about, figure out a way to make it work, perhaps by renting a small kitchen space or partnering with a business.

50. Medical Transcription Jobs

Last but certainly not least, a career as a medical transcriptionist is one of high demand and reward.

Due to evolving technology, the role of a medical transcriptionist has changed quite a bit in recent time. These days, many doctors and medical professionals use speech-to-text software, but the software isn’t perfect. That’s where medical transcriptionists come into the picture (all from home, of course).

Similar to a general transcriptionist, medical transcriptionists are needed to convert audio files into text-based documents that are typically part of a patient’s record. In addition to converting audio files into text-based documents, you can also edit the files created by the speech-to-text software. However, unlike general transcriptionists, medical transcription training is required.

A career as a medical transcriptionist is one that is in high demand and is considered to be essential work for the healthcare industry.

Which Work From Home Job Is Right For You?

With technology continually making it easier for people to have sustainable, fulfilling careers from home, there’s no better time to find a work from home job. Which will you pick?

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